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Thane City & District Badminton Association - Members

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President Shri Shrikant Vad
Senior Vice President Shri Anant Bhagwat
Vice President Shri Shriram Bhalerao
Vice President Shri Shrikant Bhagwat
Vice President Shri S. Ramaswamy
Vice President Shri Milind Apte
Honorary Secretary Shri Mayur Ghatnekar
Honorary Joint Secretary Shri Abhimanyu Baste
Treasurer Shri Sandeep Kamble
Member Shri Parag Vad
Member Smt. Manjiri Vad
Member Shri Sanjay Bhatkhande
Members Shri Yashvant Tapase
Members Shri Sudhakar Gadre