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Mr. Shrikant Vad
President - TCDBA


In my capacity as ‘Development officer’ appointed by Asian Badminton Confederation in the year 2005, I got a chance to visit many nations and study the various aspects of coaching employed there for the game of badminton. I am happy to say today, that my team has been really appreciative and ready to absorb whatever knowledge i could pass to them through this collective exposure. It is our endeavor now to keep updating ourselves to the global standards of sports coaching and carry on what we have done on a much larger scale.
Many activities like yearly visits to Indonesia for selected talented players from our academy , Special Yoga and self help sessions, sports diet regulation by experts and also psychological toughening for competitive aspects of the game were carried out by our academy for the players to take advantage of. Looking forward, we feel that our dream goal is to create a player which would represent India and selectively our great city of thane in Olympics. We are proud to report that our long term student and celebrated player Mr. Akshay Dewalkar is already selected in the probables list of the same and attending the national coching camp run in Hyderabad to that effect. The silver jubilee year has already been special to us with Akshay devalkar bringing home the tittle of Senior National Winner in Doubles event.

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